Best Robot Vacuum reviews for 2019

Best Robot Vacuum reviews for 2019

Here we need to show you the best robot vacuum reviews and the best vacuum cleaner 2019, Whether you’re replacing a first-generation robot vacuum cleaner or looking to buy the first one, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the abundance of options and prices, ranging from fairly cheap to fairly steep. We track reliable robot vacuum cleaners for every home and budget, from simple robots dusting hardwood floors to more powerful models capable of pulling pet hair from thick carpets. Then we put them to the test to see which ones could pick up the dirt while navigating a furniture obstacle course.Here we are mentioning some of the best vacuum cleaners and if you are searching for which is the best vacuum cleaner, please go through the below details:

The 5 Best Robot Vacuums


Methodical cleaning pattern

Why we choose it?

All Roombas have the iRobot patented three-stage cleaning system (agitation, brush, suction) and dirt detection sensors, allowing them to identify high ground areas and focus on their cleaning efforts. However, what really distinguishes this robot is its soft and S-shaped cleaning pattern that really looks for dirt. In all our home test runs, Roomba 960 would start at one end of the room, approach the other end and return, repeating this pattern to cover the entire area. This move probably helped him overcome the other bots in our controlled test by collecting 71% of the mess without pausing or “thinking” that was done half the time allotted. The 960 also has impressive suction power, five times greater than that of the 600 series, which makes it particularly good for cleaning after shed-prone pets.

Reliable sensor set

The 960 uses odometer (similar to the system that measures your car’s tires) to build a map of the area and help calculate how far you have travelled. As an additional feature not found in your entry-level siblings, the camera at the top of 960 helps you recognize certain spaces through different light patterns to determine your position on the map.

“Recharge and resume” technology

One of the biggest thing when it comes to even the best robot vacuum is battery life. Low battery performance can lead to half-clean floors and additional leg work at its end. When your battery runs out, the 960 will travel to its base to turn on and be able to finish the cleaning job. We found that this is especially useful for larger homes with more rooms that require additional aspiration.

Advanced application

The easy-to-use interface of the iRobot application makes the configuration of your Roomba very simple: very rarely do we encounter connectivity problems during the tests. The application will send you real-time updates on the state of the robot, and if you feel that your

Points to consider


This is inconvenient for many robot vacuum cleaners in the market today, but you generally get what you pay for. The high price of the Roomba 960 is not even one of the most daunting. (Just look at the i7 + for example. At $ 1,000, it’s updating to detailed mapping and automatic dump emptying.) But if price is a decisive factor, see the new Roomba e5. It sells for about $ 100 less, but still has the same impressive suction power as the 960. The e5 comes with a washable container and is specifically designed to deal with pet hair, so if you don’t mind the meticulous mapping function of the 960 in the form of a cleaning pattern is a good option.

Eufy RoboVac 30C

Why we choose it?

Diligent Cleaner

The Eufy impressed us with the softness with which he cleaned and moved from hardwood to carpet. During our controlled tests, the Eufy 30C unleashed its suction power, sought disorder and consumed as much as Roomba 690 (approximately 64% of the mixture). In addition, if you are at home and see how the robot works, you can customize how you want it cleaned with stain and edge cleaning functions: the first one increases the suction power to target harder areas on the carpet.

The simple design did not prevent the longevity of cleaning of this robot: it surpassed some of our other models when it was cleaned by constantly running its full 100 minutes. Others sometimes considered that the areas were clean and closed after 10-45 minutes. You are definitely maximizing the cleaning capacity with this bot, because the Eufy wasted no time circling in a particular corner of the room or half-cleaning another.

Elegant design.

The Eufy 30C glides around and under furniture with ease, allowing you to venture into places that your handheld and other robots cannot physically. It’s almost an inch shorter than the other vaccines we tested, with 2.85 “. The Eufy was the only robot that” thought “it could clean under the leather couch in the department’s testing room. Of course, it didn’t have consider the additional hanging beams in the middle of the sofa and asked for help when it got stuck, but the fact that he tried and could fit under such a low space for even a small period of time serves as testimony to his slim but powerful design.

Easy to use

The transition of the robovac between our two test homes was very easy: the robot quickly adapted to each other’s systems and responded well to the specific cleaning commands in the application (point and edge cleaning, directional changes and programming indications prefabricated). And if you want to keep your robot out of a certain area, Eufy offers you three different ways to do it: virtual controls, physical remote controls, and boundary strips (these look like thin magnets).

We also received real-time updates on Eufy’s progress, so if he got stuck under a piece of furniture or picked up a napkin on his left wheel when he left the kitchen, we knew immediately. These automatic notifications are common to almost all robot vacuum cleaners today, but Eufy gave especially deliberate, clear and precise updates, which greatly facilitated the solution of the problem. After removing the robot from under the sofa or removing the forgotten napkin from its wheel, the bot continued its route as if nothing had happened.


While this is a fairly basic bot compared to the market in general, the Eufy 30C is reliable, provides powerful cleaning and still gives you the freedom to forget to vacuum, for hundreds of dollars less than others. It is not one of the cheapest, but for its price ($ 300), it optimizes its capabilities and meets the marketing claims.

Points to consider

Random movements

The Eufy 30C does the job absolutely and usually uses the entire battery before returning to the base of operations. But if you want a detailed map or a report of exactly where you cleaned your bot while you were away, you should look elsewhere. The lack of advanced navigation can actually be an advantage in some situations, just because a bit maps the area does not mean that it will automatically give your home a better cleaning. If you don’t mind moving your robot between floors, the Eufy will clean without the sensitivity or predetermined (potential) restrictions of a stored floor plan; Start with a clean slate every time like Roomba 690. While this may mean hitting on the same bar stool every turn until you move it to another place, this is not necessarily negative, since the landscape of your home also tends to change over time.

iRobot Roomba 690 Robot

Why we choose it?

Cleaning power

This robot is stubborn. In fact, it could even be a more diligent cleaner than 960 (though not as powerful). We were impressed with the decisive movement of Roomba 690: instead of languishing in confined spaces, it was activated or deactivated. Roomba 690 also picked up almost two whole cups of Cheerios: when he noticed a pile in the middle of the floor, he used his “dirt detection” power and surrounded the disaster until it disappeared.

The Roomba 690 makes its way tripping over things, because it does not have the same sensor composition as the 960 or the i7 and lacks the light detection camera. But it does its job. This was even reflected in our controlled tests, where 690 was not far behind 960 in general dirt collection (64% compared to 71%).

Cost effectiveness

One of the main reasons why we kept this robot in our line was for its basic and reliable functionality at a fair price. It sells for around $ 300 on Amazon, which is an entry level price in the vacuum robot market. Not everyone will want or need an advanced robot vacuum that maps and travels methodically throughout their home; If you are looking for a robot that does the minimum and gives one or two rooms an effective cleaning, this is a safe bet.

Points to consider

Shorter battery

The battery of the Roomba 690 does not last as long as those of the most expensive models. Although the 690 technically works for 15 minutes longer than the 960, the Roomba 960 can extend the battery life during a certain cycle by recharging and resuming it without any indication. That said, there is no need for improvement if you have a small house or an apartment: 690 has it covered. For some rooms and thin to normal carpets, the 690 allows you to give your manual vacuum a much longer downtime. It is not so easy to clean. Roomba 690 brushes are easy to place and remove, but pulling long strands of hair intertwined inside the bristle brush can be a difficult task, especially when compared to the double rubber brush design of the new Roombas series. Unlike the newer iRobot models, the 690 and 960 trash cans cannot be washed due to their proximity to the engine (the company solved this problem by moving the engines away).

EcoVacs Deebot 900

Why we choose it?

Advanced navigation and mapping

When we let this EcoVacs robot roam the family and guest room of our apartment (approximately 400 square feet in total), it created a detailed map and accurately segmented the rooms in less than 40 minutes. The EcoVacs application allows you to send the robot to clean a specific area in your floor plan. We tested this from our office 19 miles away: we drew a box around a small portion of the living room in the apartment and saw the small blue dot on the application (which represents the robot) travel to that box and clean for three or four minutes before returning to your base of operations. If you want to clean up a spilled contents without waiting 30 minutes for your robot’s vacuum to hit and find out where the mess is, you can tell this bot exactly where to go.

Slim design

This robot makes a point to travel under low-rise furniture. The knob on the top (which is the center that emits laser technology that makes that the mapping is so easy) makes it a little thicker and less able to crawl under certain places than the Eufy, but this did not necessarily hinder its performance by sliding under those dressers and low tables.

Continuous cleaning

Like the higher grade Roomba models (i7 and 960), you can configure the EcoVacs Deebot 900 in a “continuous cleaning” mode. This means that if your robot runs out of battery in the middle of the cleaning process, it will return to its charging base for an additional boost before continuing the round. Combined with the easy and efficient mapping functionality, this makes the operation of this robot relatively low.

Points to consider

Weaker suction

If you want a robot vacuum cleaner to pick up loose and light waste, this EcoVacs will do the job, but it is not as powerful as others. It only brought about 43% of our test mix after 30 minutes. That does not mean that I would not have collected everything eventually, but we chose it more for its strong and easy to manage mapping technology than for the pure cleaning power. You can also select the “maximum” suction power in the application to amplify the suction for each and every cleaning step, if desired. You will lose a quieter cleaning, but that is only a problem if you are close to listen to it.

Scott Ledterman, general manager of EcoVacs, says that noise and suction power go hand in hand. Ledterman says the Ecovacs team tries to strike the right balance between providing effective cleaning and tolerable noise, even if this means slightly reducing the fan motor speed (which weakens the suction) to reduce the noise.

“At the end of the day, you need to have enough energy to collect dirt and grime reliably where you don’t leave things on the floor … but combine that with a product that is quieter than a dishwasher, so your house can work while you and your family or friends are hanging out at home.”

Glitchy application

While the mapping and customization features seemed to work smoothly for us, we believe there are some notable weaknesses in the application. And we are not alone. Users have complained about the map connectivity failure. While we did not experience a total failure with our bot, we actually found that the bot adapted to new scenarios and mapped our floors relatively quickly, it did blink between “connected” and “disconnected” several times in the application. The fault prevented us from using our robot for a while, but generally only lasted a couple of minutes.

Roomba i7+

Why we choose it?

Automatic dust removal.

The only complicated part of operating a robot vacuum is to manually download its contents after a few cycles. Sometimes, you may even have to vacuum dust that didn’t reach the trash. iRobot takes care of this with the i7 +. The i7 + is basically the i7 bot with an automatic emptying garbage can. Return to its base and immediately aspirate its contents to the base tower (which can contain up to 30 dirt containers) after each run. Which means you won’t have to empty the dump yourself, and you’ll only have to empty the tower occasionally. The only time you really have to touch your robot’s vacuum with this feature is when you decide to roll over a pile of cables or place a piece of loose clothing on one of its wheels.

Powerful cleaner

The Series i has a stronger suction power than any other Roomba on the market (10 times greater than that of 600-level models). So, if you want your robot vacuum to be on par with your handheld, this is probably the vacuum to choose from. The i7 + did not work as well as we had anticipated, but we attribute this to the fact that I was not familiar with the environment at that time. We, and iRobot, recommend letting this robot fully discover its floor plan before setting high expectations for suction / cleaning power. Even the best robot can only clean well once it has had the opportunity to optimize navigation.

Navigation and mapping skills

The i7 + offers advanced navigation and the ability to “remember” up to ten different floor plans. After some executions, the i7 + will present you with a detailed map that segments the different rooms of your floor plan, which you can then adjust and rename. You can tell the i7 + exactly where to go, taking the term “no intervention” to a whole new level. It took several hours (more than one day of testing) for this bot to learn its way around the 700 square foot base level of our three-story house. The Neatos, on the other hand, just needed a run to spit a detailed map of our floor plan (although getting them to actually use them later was a bit complicated). But it is worth waiting on the i7 + to learn to move, because once it does, it does not forget where it traveled and generally resists changes in the placement of the base.

Points to consider


Buying the i7 + ($ 1099) over the i7 ($ 700) means paying for the automatic powder dispenser, and makes this model one of the most expensive robovacs on the market. But if you want a quality mapping robot that offers a wide range of customization when cleaning your home and is very discreet, it is an excellent option. If you prefer to save cash and empty your own trash can, the independent i7 sells for around $ 700, which is quite comparable to bots with similar functionality (the Neato D6 has the same price).

Hypersensitive dirt removal

While this robot has an extremely low touch, it is not perfect. You may still have to manually monitor or empty this bot when it comes to larger particles at higher volumes, but this is true for most robovacs today. For example, we receive some unnecessary notifications about a “stuck” garbage tower. When we threw one or two cups of Cheerios to the ground to see how well the i7 + could consume them, the robot did its job; The tower, on the other hand, did not. Even after the i7 + completed the execution and “emptied” the content alone, they still welcomed us with a container full of dry cereal.

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