BedJet 3 Final Review: A better way to blow hot (or cold) air between your sheets
BedJet 3 Review

BedJet 3 Final Review: A better way to blow hot (or cold) air between your sheets

The BedJet Final Review

  • BedJet offers custom double-climate control for people who sleep alone and couples who use hose fittings under the bed.
  • Adjust the settings using the remote control, the application or the smart functionality.
  • The BedJet provides a heating and cooling range of 72 ° and 104 ° Fahrenheit (22 ° to 40 ° Celsius), which makes it suitable for year-round use

BedJet is a climate control system that provides customizable temperature settings for those who sleep in bed. Using a hose fitting, the BedJet is placed under the bed and supplies an air flow according to the desired sleeper configuration; The clips hold the hose in place to ensure nighttime connectivity. You can also set different temperatures for each hour of sleep.

The newest BedJet unit is the BedJet 3 Climate Comfort System, also known as BedJet 3. The BedJet 3 is available in a single zone design for one person and a double zone design for couples.The BedJet 3 is smaller and more compact than earlier models; It also offers a wider temperature range of 66 ° to 104 ° Fahrenheit (19 ° to 40 ° Celsius).

Keep in mind: BedJet systems provide individualized heating and cooling that make them suitable for most times of the year. However, the device should never replace a heater or air conditioner in extreme temperatures.

One-zone BedJet 3 systems are priced at $ 399 and double-zone systems start at $ 899. Individual pieces of BedJet are also available for sale. BedJet supports all these products with a 60-night sleep test and a two-year warranty.

Read on for more information on BedJet systems for single beds and couples, including assembly and operating advice, pricing information and an overview of the company’s shipping, return and warranty policies.

 General Overview


  • Personalized heating/cooling
  • Easy to assemble and activate
  • Compatible with most beds and mattress models
  • Wireless remote controls
  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau


  • Although more affordable than other climate control bed systems, all products in this category can be a bit expensive

Check the price on a Bedjet Climate Comfort System

Who required the the BedJet

  • Those who tend to sleep excessively hot or excessively cold
  • Those with congested rooms or rooms with minimal air flow
  • Those who experience night sweats and / or hot flashes
  • Couples with different temperature preferences

Who don’t required 

  • Those who awaken easily due to noise 🙂


All You Need to Know About the BedJet

The individual BedJet 3 units generate warm / cold air that is sent to the owner’s bed through a connective hose. BedJet systems are quite easy to assemble and use; For single zone units, assemble using the following step-by-step process:

  • Place the BedJet single zone unit under the bed or vertically next to the bed.
  • Connect the power cord to the nearest outlet.
  • Pass the hose fitting from the unit to the bed and under the sheets; The mouthpiece should be placed at the foot of the bed for best results.
  • Connect the hose to the bed with clips.

Once the hose is connected, owners can start making temperature adjustments. The BedJet 3 comes with wireless remote controls and also comes with a Wi-Fi chip and is compatible with Amazon Echo / Alexa and SmartHome centers.

BedJet double zone climate comfort systems for couples consist of two BedJet units. With this system, couples can connect individual hoses on each side of the bed and program each BedJet unit for different temperature settings.

BedJet 3 Dual Zone systems also include optional cloud sheets (sold separately from BedJet) that are made of 100% cotton and designed with BedJet hose compartments. The Cloud Sheet is sold separately from the BedJet. BedJet can be used with your existing bedding and Cloud Sheet is not required, but Cloud Sheet is recommended, especially for cooling, as it distributes air more evenly from neck to toe.

The Cloud Sheet is also sold as a separate product.

After completing the temperature settings for BedJet 3 units, owners can feel the effects in seconds.

Are you ready to puchase, let see what all included..

The following table lists the various parts and components included with each purchase of a BedJet 3 unit with one or two zones.

ProductWhat’s Included?
BedJet 3 Single-Zone Unit ($399)One BedJet 3 base unit with connective hose
One color-screen remote control (battery not included)
BedJet 3 Dual-Zone Unit (Starts at $899)Two BedJet 3 units, each with its own connective hose
One Cloud Sheet (Queen and King sizes) or two Cloud Sheets (Split King size)
Two remote controls (batteries not included)

Please note that the price points for the BedJet 3 double zone climate comfort system for couples depend on the blanket size selected. See below our discussion of costs for each available size and other pricing information for BedJet products.

ProductDescriptionCurrent Price
BedJet 3 Single Zone Climate Comfort SystemThis system includes a single BedJet 3 unit, which provides personalized heating/cooling to one sleeper. You could use a Dual Zone sheet that allows one half of the bed to be heated/cooled while the other half is unaffected. The BedJet offers many configurations for different sleep needs. Check out the BedJet blog for a list of possible configurations. A color-screen remote control is also included.$399 (all units)
BedJet 3 Dual Zone Climate Comfort System for CouplesThis system features two BedJet 3 units, each with its own connective hose, to provide personalized heating/cooling for couples. The BedJet 3 Dual Zone is available in Queen, King, and Split King sizes and (depending on the selected size) includes one or two Cloud Sheets.$899 (One Queen-size, dual-zone sheet)
$919 (One King-size, dual-zone sheet)
$959 (Two Twin-XL, single-zone sheets; this is the ‘Split King’ option)
Cloud SheetBedJet’s proprietary sheet – which has internal pockets to accommodate the connective hose – is sold individually in different sizes.$99 (Single Zone Twin XL)
$109 (Single/Dual Zone Queen)
$129 (Single/Dual Zone King)
Air Hose ExtensionThis extension adds about 4 inches to the original hose, resulting in roughly 8 feet of total length.$19.99 (all units)

Please note that the aromatherapy diffuser kit is included with the single and double BedJet 3 units at no additional charge. In addition, the BedJet application is free for all smartphone users.

The the best price on a Bedjet Climate Comfort system is here

How Does the BedJet Compare to other Heating/Cooling Products?

BedJet units offer customized heating and cooling at a level that exceeds most other methods.

The base unit and the air supply hose are powerful enough to provide consistent air currents that will adjust the bed temperature quickly, in a matter of seconds. This makes it more effective than most heaters, air conditioning units and other implements that do not transmit air directly to the bed.

The BedJet 3 is more suitable for anyone with at least 6 “of free space under their bed, as well as for those who prefer to use a wireless remote control for all functions and / or connect their BedJet to a home automation center The BedJet 3 can also be placed vertically next to a bed, not under it, but it is a little stronger if it is not placed under a bed.

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